CMA Activies and Projects

The Czech Marketing Association was founded on May 18, 1990. Regional and professional sections were also founded shortly after. In 1991, the company organized the first professional conference "New Challenges of Marketing" and also started regular participation in international exhibitions and fairs.

The main reason for the establishment of the association was the immediate reaction to the fundamental change from a centrally planned economy to a standard market economy. Simultaneously with the establishment of the association, the professional magazine Marketing & Komunikace was also created.

Marketer of the Year Competition

The Marketer of the Year competition has been announced by the Presidium of the Czech Marketing Association every year since 2005. Its goal is to select personalities who participate in the successful development of their own company or institution, as well as in the development of marketing in general.

All interested parties who are active in the field of marketing in any economic or other organization, business or public, can participate. The main goal of the competition, as well as the goal of all the activities of the Czech Marketing Association, is to contribute to the development of marketing in the Czech Republic, to popularize outstanding personalities in the field of marketing and to raise their professional level.

Junior Marketer of Year - Student Competition

The Marketer of the Year competition is also supplemented by a section aimed at students of universities with marketing studies specialisation who submit their projects in the Junior Marketer of the Year category. The professional guarantor of this section is the Marketing Teacher's Club, and the competition is open for student teams. Regular participants in the competition are teams from universities in the Czech Republic and from abroad as well.

Marketing and Communication Magazine

Marketing and communication magazine is a professional magazine of the Czech Marketing Association, which is published 4 times a year. For more than 30 years, this quarterly magazine has provided professional advice and experience in marketing activities from real experts, creates a platform for sharing knowledge and skills, informs about the activities of the Czech Marketing Association and introduces the possibilities of education in marketing. It is primarily intended for subscribers, individual and collective members of the Association. Every issue is read by 20,000 regular readers, it is available at trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, to all members of the scientific and technical institutions, as well as to marketing teachers at a number of universities.

Marketing Conferences and Seminars

The Czech Marketing Association is a regular participant in professional exhibitions and fairs in the Czech Republic and often actively participates in professional conferences and programs that are usually associated with these activities. At the same time, the association itself regularly organizes professional seminars, which provide platform for both professional presentations by representatives of the academic community and practical presentations by experts from practical marketing activities. Frequently those awarded in the Marketer of the Year competition are among the lecturers at these seminars.

Marketing Research

The research "Czechs and advertising" is the longest consistent project which, since 1993, has focused on the development of the attitudes of the Czech public towards the intensity of advertising in individual media, the influence of advertising on purchasing decisions and the question of possible oversaturation with advertising, including controversial topics. This year's 40th survey underlines the main importance of this project, consisting in the long-term and regularity of the survey's time series. The research, which is currently being carried out by the Czech Marketing Association in cooperation with the Czech Association for Branded Products, POPAI CE and ppm factum research, is based on an investigation that was initially started by the Marktest agency. It is continuously updated with current statements related to, for example, the social role of advertising, the perception of the truth and credibility of advertising, the use of product placement, the role of the point of sale and the use of the Internet and social media.